Studies in Genesis

Genesis is the book of “beginnings.” Paul is working on a commentary, primarily for Christians in Romania but it is available here in English. Since he anticipates Bible studies from all backgrounds to make use of this commentary, he presents comments that will be of interest to all levels. First, he makes his own translation of the text. It is a stiff translation and not good English. But, you can compare your translation with his to see where the Hebrew words the text differently. After his own translation, Paul points out significant words and grammatical expressions. You might want to skip those parts if you are not interested. Next, he makes points from relevant archaeological finds and non-biblical history and then presents his own comments, which is the essence of a commentary. If you notice the Works Cited page at the end of the Introduction, you will see that Paul consulted a wide range of authors. His comments are one man’s comments among thousands. Take that for what it is worth. Certainly other things and more could be said. Finally, Paul suggests some ideas of application, beginning with those who experienced the events, followed by Moses’ audience (who would have read the events rather than experienced them first hand), later Jewish audiences, and finally the Christian audience, which would include you and me. If you find any errors, please, feel free to communicate with Paul ( If your love for God and respect for His word is strengthened it any way from readying these comments, may God be glorified!

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